About me

I am passionate about painting and drawing.
Art is my passion and I have always been inspired by colour. As a child I would spend hours drawing on homemade sketch pads which my father made me from paper off cuts from his technical drawings. Art was all I ever wanted to do so when I left school and I studied a three year degree course on Graphic Design at Gloucester College of Art and went on to work in an advertising agency, visualizing and illustrating.

I love to experiment with all mediums and have always had a love for nature and flowers. My background consisted of highly detailed illustrations using watercolours, however, through the years my original painting style has evolved to using vivid colouring techniques and I would say a ‘freer’ style. My love for drawing is still very close to my heart and I can always be found with a sketch pad planning my next paintings. The material for all my pictures comes from travelling, local National Trust sites, and occasionally photos friends have given me from their travels.

I use acrylic paints and combine them with acrylic inks and a pen, on paper and canvas. This technique, I find, really lends itself to the many bird pictures I have painted. And the balance between colour and line and the fact that the line doesn’t overwhelm but adds another dimension to my paintings has become a very popular style of my latest work

I just LOVE it and hope you enjoy looking at my work.

My paintings can be seen at the following:

A2 Gallery, 80 High Street, Wells, Somerset

AppArt 2018 - 30th March - 14th April
Bramshott & Liphook Arts & Crafts Society 2018 - 13th April- 15th April
XBarn Art 2018 - 21st - 22nd April
Fleet Art Society 2018 - 14th June - 16th June
Farnham Art Society Summer Pop-up exhibition - 16th - 17th June 2018
Odiham Art Group Exhibition - 27th - 28th October 2018
Fleet Art Society Pop-up Exhibition - 16th -17th November 2018
Farnham Art Society Exhibition - 24th November - 1st December 2018